THOR: RAGNAROK is Here to Entertain

Thor: Ragnarok Rocks!!!

You wanna have some fun? Just go crazy. Throw everything out the window and rock n’ roll!!

Yes? Good. Then Thor: Ragnarok is your flick. Hit it up. You will not be letdown.

The Superhero genre is a constant morph. We’ve gone traditional (Ironman, Captain America: The First Avenger) to serious (Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy) to far too serious (Zack Snyder’s terrible Man of Steel and even more terrible Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice) to goofy (Guardians of the Galaxy).

Genres do this to sustain. It is part of the natural cycle.

  1. Primitive
  2. Classical
  3. Revisionist
  4. Parody
  5. Homage

The Marvel Superheroes are firm in the Revisionist stage and the new Thor also knocks on Parody’s door at times. It’s a good and needed shift. We are heading into the Guardian’s goofy galaxy as the universe expands. (NOTE: The DC films are a little behind. Shifting from the Primitive Superman to the Classical Wonder Woman.)

Now that the Film Lesson is done, let’s talk about Thor:Ragnorok for a minute. That’s why we’re here.

While it may not win many awards this season, the film does have the distinction of possessing the most names I don’t know how to say. RAGNAROK is said exactly how it is spelled. Tackle that one phonetically and you’ll be fine. Next is the director of the film; the wonderfully talented Taika Waititi.

Taika Waititi= TIE-kuh why-TEE-tee.

Mr. Why-TEE-tee is a wonderful comedic force, giving us What We Do In The Shadows and The Hunt for the Wilderpeople over the last couple years. This work got him this gig and he delivered what you’d expect. Adding a silly comedic tone throughout the film and breathing new life in the Thor films after the dreary Thor: The Dark World.

While the film is a joy some of the character development that is expected in a Marvel movie is lost. This is mostly fine as many of characters are old friends at this point. Loki, Thor, Hulk, a touch of Dr. Strange. But Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie needs some fleshing out and Jeff Goldblum as secondary baddie, Grandmaster, is doing Jeff Goldblum. (Not that is a terrible thing. Goldblum gives the most Goldblum-y performance in years and it is a treat. He is just not to be taken too seriously and does not provide much menace.) Even the all-powerful Cate Blanchett is one-note as Hela the Goddess of Death. She’s the freakin’ Goddess of Death!! She could of used a little less levity.

But make no mistake that the only purpose of Thor: Ragnarok is to entertain and I am guessing you will be entertained. Plenty of action, great special effects and lots of laughs. What more do you want from a movie starring a dude in a cape?

One last thing: Major props to Mr. Mark Mothersbaugh and his fantastic score. He makes the film drip with 80’s awesome!!!

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