Summer Movie Preview 2017

April 28, 2017 0

Time sure flies, doesn’t it? Well, it appears to pass even faster in Hollywood. After something of a lull at cinemas this week (the newest releases aren’t even being screened for the press), the summer […]


February 25, 2017 0

Well, the day before the Academy Awards there is another movie-related ceremony, but it isn’t one you’d necessary want to win. The Golden Raspberry Awards aka The Razzies just gave out their trophies for the […]

89th Academy Award Nominees – 2017

January 24, 2017 0

Oscar nominations were revealed today and they’re all listed below. You can find out who wins by watching on February 27th, 2017. Best Picture: “Arrival” “Fences” “Hacksaw Ridge” “Hell or High Water” “Hidden Figures” “La […]

Video Games On the Big Screen

June 8, 2016 0

With the upcoming release of Warcraft at cinemas, Hollywood is trying yet again to adapt a popular game into a feature film franchise. One hopes this effort makes it over the hurdles slowing past attempts. […]

20 Fascinatingly Bad Movie Posters

June 1, 2016 0

We’ve all seen them, or maybe tilted our heads as we were walking by them in a movie theater… head-scratching movie posters that don’t quite hit the mark. Included below are twenty movie one-sheets that […]

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