I FEEL PRETTY Doesn’t Stand Out

April 19, 2018 0

With the summer movie season fast approaching, it seems as though mega-budgeted action films are about to flood the marketplace. I Feel Pretty is one of the spring’s last smaller flicks; a comedy with an […]

SUPER TROOPERS 2 Misses the Target

April 19, 2018 0

It has been 18 years since the release of the original Super Troopers, a cult comedy about an eccentric group of Vermont highway patrolmen and their bizarre antics. After many years and a successful IndieGoGo […]

BORG VS MCENROE Serves Up A Famous Rivalry

April 13, 2018 0

This film opens April 13th at the Digital Gym cinemas. In the annals of professional sports rivalries, one of the most famous in tennis was the perceived conflict between Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. Both […]

RAMPAGE Can’t Find the Right Tone

April 12, 2018 0

It appears that adapting video games to feature film may be one of the trickiest tasks there is. After decades of efforts, the results haven’t exactly wowed viewers; Super Mario Brothers, Wing Commander, Tomb Raider, […]

ISLE OF DOGS Is Endearing and Original

March 27, 2018 0

After nine feature films, director Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel, Moonrise Kingdom, Rushmore) has a firmly established and distinct visual style, as well as an eccentric sense of humor that continues to help build […]

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING Targets Teens and Youngsters

March 22, 2018 0

The original Pacific Rim arrived as a modern take on Japanese monster movies, placing humans in giant robots called Jaegers and forcing them to combat an invasion of enormous Kaiju creatures from an interdimensional portal. […]

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