This Week’s Sequel Review: THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR

The Purge 3 is fine.

Does its job.

Entertains a little. Escapism.
It is merely this week’s sequel. And I’m tired of it. All we get are retreads, reboots, sequels and “universe expansions” .  Every week is writing piece explaining if the regurgitated mush is as good as the original or where it sits in the series in regards to order of importance.

Every week? Independence Day 2. Finding Dory. The Conjuring 2. Now You See Me 2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. X-Men 8. Alice in Wonderland 2. Neighbors 2. Captain America 3. The Jungle Book [Now with a real boy!!], a sequel to Snow White without Snow White, Ice Age 5, Jason Bourne, the third Star Trek in the rebooted series, Ghostbusters… It doesn’t stop.

I thought the volume was exceptional so I went and counted some numbers. I realize that sequels are not a new problem but it is GETTING WORSE.

Of the major releases [2500 screens or more] here are the percentages that are sequels, reboots or universe expansion films.

2013- 21%

2014- 27%

2015- 30%

2016- 38%

No!! I’ll call 38% “about half”. Round up. Let’s call this an example of “The Dumbening” of our society. Further proof that Idiocracy is turning out to be a documentary. We are only eating the familiar. And while, thankfully, many of these movies have been flopping lately they [we] are still lining up for lazy fare like “Finding Dory” which essentially is just an episode and not a film. Please stop supporting these films. Unless they are good.

What you spend your money on....
What you spend your money on….

Whoops. This is my The Purge 3 review. Got sidetracked.

If you like the other Purge films, you will not be disappointed. It’s better than the other 2. It plays like an 80s action film. Something that Arnold would have done.

Go see it if you want to.

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