mother! Doesn’t have enough Exclamation Marks in the Title!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel a little beat up. Out of sorts. I blame watching mother! All I’m good for is some disjointed thoughts. Nothing cohesive.

mother! made me feel high after watching. Not during. During, I felt beat. A weight on my chest. Unending tension. Once I left for some sunlight to collect my thoughts, there was this unbelievable adrenaline rush. An actual physical reaction to the film.

A large part of me thinks that some of the motivation for mother! stems from the terrible response to director Darren Aronofsky’s prior film, Noah. They say that The Old Man and the Sea was written as Hemingway’s response to the critics ripping apart his novel Across the River and Into the Trees. I think there is some large marlin in the DNA of mother!

Javier Bardem will never get rid of that accent.

There are so many layers happening at all times, it’s easy to let the film occupy your thoughts for hours, even days, following viewing. Deciphering is probably impossible. At least, it is for me. Leading me to the next thought.

Watching 18 hours of Twin Peaks recently helped me let this film wash over me.

This film will make you feel stupid if you let it. I’m pretty sure there is no way to “get” all of it but it is presented in a way that seems accessible. The Meaning is right on the tip of the tongue. But I’m pretty sure that not all the dots connect. It’s best to allow yourself the freedom to come up with your own conclusions.

Michelle Pfeiffer burns up the screen. Frightful bitchiness.

The cinematography is amazing! Jennifer Lawrence endures a 2 hour close up and it works wonders to get the audience into her space, her world. She’s amazing!!!!


Aronofsky knows how to end a movie!! The final 30 minutes is unparalleled. He’s done it before. The final act of Black Swan is killer as is the culmination found in Requiem for a Dream. In fact, I never thought he’d surpass those last moments of Requiem. He does here.

My 2 cents; it’s about the creative process. Mostly about the creative process.


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