10 Easy Steps on How to Write your Own Glowing Review of THE BIG SICK

Kumail Nanjiani as "Kumail" in THE BIG SICK. Photo by Nicole Rivelli.

Here are 10 Easy Steps to write your own glowing review for The Big Sick.

Step One: Google “The Big Sick IMDB” and copy/paste the name Kumal Nanjiani.

Step Two: Right click the words Kumal and Nanjiani and “Add to Dictionary”.

Step Three: Google “Comedic Actors playing dramatic roles.” Gather your favorites but don’t forget to mention Bill Murray in The Razor’s Edge, Adam Sandler in Punch Drunk Love, Whoopi Goldberg in The Color Purple and Jenny Slate in Obvious Child.
Step Four: Relay the fact that The Big Sick is the true story of how Nanjiani met his wife, Emily Gordon. The two wrote the script together and there is an intimacy in the film that sets it apart from any Romantic Dramatic Comedy to come out in many years. Focus on the beauty of the dialogue between the two. Mention that it’s like sitting in the room witnessing two lovers/best friends discover each other.

Step Five: Zoe Fucking Kazan. She plays the surrogate Emily and is amazing. Point out that it’s a bummer that she is relegated to a bed, unconscious for a good portion of the movie. Try not to sound too enamored. Don’t be creepy. She’s super talented and amazing and shines on screen and she’s sexy and funny and smart and takes a difficult role (playing a man’s wife with the actual man as the wife looks on off-screen in a producer/writer capacity) and makes you believe every second. Don’t say the “she’s sexy” thing. The rest is fine.


Step Six: Point out the movie is, in many respects, a vehicle for Holly Hunter and Ray Romano as Emily’s parents. The film is just as much their story as Kumal and Emily’s. Talk about how much we miss Holly and how she’s a goddamn American Institution! This is the best role she’s had in a while and she commands it. Romano keeps up with her and is a revelation to anyone who only has disagreed with the assortation that “Everybody Loves” him. This film makes it ok to at least “like-like” him.

Step Seven: You must point out how vital and eye-opening the story is regarding Nanjiani’s Pakistani upbringing.  Wonderfully hilarious and important. With a president fanning the flames of Xenophobia throughout the country, this needs to be seen. Fuck Donald Trump, BTW.

Step Eight: Connect this film to director Michael Showalter’s last film Hello, My Name is Doris. Point out how Showalter is a master at character work, especially older women and how this is a needed void in Hollywood. Praise the Showalter. Pull out the hand-painted soapbox and scream it from the top of the mountain.

Step Nine: Let the reader know that this is a Judd Apatow production. Then note that it is the best Apatow related film since Bridesmaids.

Step Ten: Wrap it up with a catchy statement that ties it all together. Something like “You’ll be sick if you miss The Big Sick.” But don’t use that. It’s horrible. Simply try and make people go see this movie. That’s your job. Now go get’em!!

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