DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for February 7th, 2017

February 6, 2017 0

Time for another look at the highlights arriving on Blu-ray and DVD. It’s an incredibly busy edition with so many films in so many genres that it’s going to take some time to get through […]

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for November 8th, 2016

November 7, 2016 0

Welcome back to this edition of new releases on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s an eccentric mix with a lot of interesting material arriving on store shelves. As always, be sure to clink on any links […]

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for September 13th, 2016

September 12, 2016 0

It’s time for another edition detailing the highlights coming your way on Blu-ray and DVD. There are a multitude of great options, ranging from the independent scene to Hollywood blockbuster. As always, be sure to […]

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for Dec. 8th

December 7, 2015 0

Welcome back for another look at highlights arriving on DVD and Blu-ray. It’s another busy edition with plenty of flick in a wide variety of genres. And as always, remember to click on any links […]

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for September 15th

September 14, 2015 0

Welcome back for a detailed look at what’s coming your way on DVD and Blu-ray. As always, be sure and click on any links to read detailed reviews of the flicks being summarized. It’s another […]

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for July 21

July 20, 2015 0

Every once in a while, you get a lean week. This is one of them, with only a few highlights coming your way. Still, there are some curious efforts that may be worth a look. […]


April 13, 2015 0

So, I love Paul Rudd. Love him. Kinda on a creepy level. And I love 94% of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Iron Man 2 and Thor 2 not withstanding. But…. I got a bad feeling […]

DVD/Blu-ray Roundup for Jan. 13

January 12, 2015 0

Holy cow! It’s an incredibly busy week for new DVDs and Blu-rays with loads of highlights (almost too many to keep track of, but I’ll do my best). As always, click on any links to […]

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