IT COMES AT NIGHT leaves the Monsters in the Dark

What is It?

Does It Follow you wherever you try to hide? Does It live in the sewers, hiding behind a mask of face paint and the blood of the innocent? Does It want to swallow your soul?


Well, if It’s the It that comes at night, you won’t really know what It is. But, unlike the standard horror films of yesterday, seeing the monster isn’t the point when it comes to It Comes at Night. It’s about the people that must deal with It. And the flaws of humanity become the real threat.

It Comes at Night is the latest thriller released by A24 studios and they can officially be given their own Horror Sub-Genre. Much like The Witch and Under the Skin, It Comes at Night is slow and methodical. The characters drive the story as the threat remains a faceless terror waiting in the woods. It is not about seeing the horror with a A24 Horror Film, it’s about feeling the horror.

What the marketing department at A24 needs to quit doing is constantly touting that these movies are the “scariest film in years.” They are actually well written and acted stories with incredible amounts of tension woven into the fabric of the film. This is Revisionist Horror, tossing aside troupes and standards and creating thoroughly entertaining movies that stick with you well beyond the closing credits.

It Comes at Night is highly recommended and worth the ticket price. Just know that you are in for a tense ride that will not give you all the answers. Much like the Real World.

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